This is how I came up with the idea for Poop-N-Scoop. You may have a similar story. You’re taking your dog for a walk, he or she does their business and you do the right thing by cleaning it up. Most of us will take a bag from our pocket and pick it up. This is where my story begins. The bag I used had a hole in it and much of the warm mush squeezed between my fingers. Needless to say – very disgusting. After rigorous cleaning, I set out to find a better way to clean up after my dog. Checking pet stores and online offerings, I found nothing suitable to take on walks. An idea came to me after looking at my wife’s grabber/reacher (she’s kind of short) I thought if I modified it by adding shovels, I could solve any issue. A tool that picks up poop cleanly with a bag, no more bending over, Folds in half for taking on walks, hands free clipping onto your belt and no more poop squished between my fingers. I use grocery style bags that are around my house, tool stays clean, on -and on – meeting all of my objectives! Plus, many more important reasons to clean up – we more or less have to in most areas we live – mostly environmental and some parts of our country you could pay a steep fine if you get caught not picking it up (where I live, over $200). Plus, very important, your neighbors will like you again!

This can all work for less than $30!

Thanks for listening,
Kevin Montgomery