Watch Video Below To See Exactly How It Works!


  • No more bending over-  especially if you have a bad back
  • No more using a bag with your hand that may have a hole in it!
  • Your dog will not contribute to “run off” pollution into our waterways
  • Easier for senior citizens
  • Works great in the city
  • Works great if hate the “feel” or smell of dog poop
  • Uses plastic bags (hole free!) you have around the house- grocery, shopping, food, etc
  • Or you can order the custom bags designed for it
  • Folds in half and clips to your belt, shorts, jeans, etc. for hands free transport
  • Your neighbors will like you again!
  • Light weight- less than 1 pound
  • Less than $25!


  • Take out of packaging, lock the center, yellow button
  • Place bag over shovels, create a pocket in the bag for the poop
  • Place over poop, squeeze trigger, “lock” into place
  • Tie off bag
  • Un-lock trigger
  • Dispose of in a proper receptacle
  • Side note- some places will fine you for not picking up your dogs poop!